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Jul 17, 2017

Hello! It's time for another round of Shmanners! Are you ready to play? Because this week is all about PARTY GAMES! You know, Charades? 20 Questions? That kind of thing! Learn all about the history of party games including one that involves a flaming surprise! Travis also shares some of his favorite modern day party games! All that, plus answers to your questions! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Jul 10, 2017

Shhhhh!!! Hello Internet! Anything in particular you're looking for today? Anything we can help you find? Maybe a book on manners? Maybe LIBRARY MANNERS in particular? Well, you've come to the right place because that is what this episode is all about! Do you really need to be quiet? Should you reshelf your own books? How did libraries get started? Answers to all these and more! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Jul 3, 2017

Good Morning! How about a nice cup of joe? Cup of mud? You know, coffee! This week is all about COFFEE HOUSES! How many additions to your drink is too many? What's in that fancy drink you love? Can you ask to change the music? How did coffee houses get started any way? What's the difference between a coffee house and a cafe? Most importantly, how long can you hang out before it's a problem?! Answers to  all these questions and more! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Jun 26, 2017

Oh goodness, do we have a great biography episode for you! This week, we tell you all about Judith Martin, better known as MISS MANNERS! When it comes to etiquette, she truly is an inspiration. Eloquent writing, witty aphorisms, and tough love, Miss Manners has it all! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Jun 23, 2017

Hello Internet! We're so excited to bring you the last in our Summer Fun Series: PARKS! How did parks come about? What is their history? How do we keep them in good shape for future generations? How do we deal with other park goers? All these questions and MORE! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Jun 19, 2017

Hello Internet! Sorry we're so late but we're ready to make a splash with THE HISTORY OF BATHING SUITS! From nude to wool dresses to Speedos, the bathing suit has seen a lot of different forms through out the centuries! Join us as we float along through their timeline. Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Jun 9, 2017

Hello Internet! Welcome to another in our impromptu "Summer Fun!" series! This week, ZOOS! What do you do when you see a kid tapping the glass? Can you go to a zoo as a childish adult? Should you correct a parent spreading misinformation? What do you say to your kid when the animals start doing "what comes natural"? How did zoos start anyway? Questions to these and more! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Jun 3, 2017

Hello Internet! Look but don't touch at this new episode we made for you all about MUSEUMS! Not only do we tell you their fascinating history, but we answer your questions too! How close can you stand? What does "pay what you can" really mean? Can you ask someone to move if you can't see? Is it cool to bring a baby? All those answers and more! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

May 27, 2017

Hello Internet! Thanks for baring with us as we travel and recover being sick! In this episode, we answer a whole bunch of your questions! What do you do when your friend is a bad tipper? What's the best practices for asking someone to write a letter of recommendation? What do you do when passing someone in the hallway? Answers to these and more! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

May 12, 2017

Hello Internet! This week, we're talking tattoos! A little bit about the history, but mostly we focus on the modern dos and donts! How to work with your artist on the design. Do you tip? How do you stop people from touching your tattoos? Do you have to explain WHY you got your tattoo to everyone who asks? Answers to these and even more of your questions! Enjoy and please share!

May 5, 2017

Hello Internet! It's time for another in our WEDDINGS series! This time: WHO PAYS FOR WHAT? From the reception, to the officiant, to the flowers, there sure are a lot of costs associated with a wedding. Traditionally, certain parties were expected to pay for certain things. What are said traditions? Where did those traditions come from? Do they still apply to the modern day? And who pays for the fog machine? All this, plus answers to your questions! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Apr 28, 2017

Hello there Internet! Thank you so much for tuning to another Shmanners! Hopefully, once you're done listening, you'll have nothing but positive things to say about the episode! If not, that's ok! You can learn a lot from constructive criticism! In fact, this episode is all about THE ART OF CRITIQUE! What do you do when a friend asks for your feedback? How do make a convincing compliment sandwich? What do you do with criticism you don't agree with? Plus, some history on the beginnings of the restaurant critic! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Apr 21, 2017

Hello Internet! Welcome to another great episode! Be sure to sign in in Hall B and pick up your badge! And be sure to grab a swag bag! This week, we're talking CONS! Primarily conventions, but there is some conference stuff in there as well! Want some tips on networking and business card exchanging? How do you ask someone for a picture? Want some very important tips on being respectful to cosplayers? What's the deal with getting things signed? All this and more! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Apr 14, 2017

Hello Internet! Welcome Friend to another episode of Shmanners made for you by Travis and Teresa! Sit right down Comrade and enjoy an hour all about NAMES AND HONORIFICS! We discuss the origins of Mr. & Mrs. and how we see them changing in the future and how non-gendered honorifics are gaining popularity in the present! We talk about changing one's name after marriage! We talk about trying to give yourself a college nickname! We also answer your questions! How to correct someone who mispronounces your name! How to ask someone for their name when they've already told you once! And a whole lot more! Exclamation point! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Apr 7, 2017

Hello Internet! Last week, we did a whole episode all about Twitter and Facebook! When it came right down to it, we just had WAY too many questions for just one episode! So we decided to follow it up with an episode jam packed with YOUR questions! When to unfriend? How to end a Facebook fight? What's the deal with spoilers? Is it ok to post political opinions? When to add someone you just met on Facebook? All these questions and MORE! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Mar 31, 2017

Hello Internet! Welcome to MaxFunDrive Week Two! We hope all is well with you! We have been dancing around this subject for awhile! It's a big one folks! We're talking SOCIAL MEDIA! Specifically, Twitter and Facebook. First, we take a look at the history of social media (including our personal history!) Then, we give you some of our best tips and hints for navigating the choppy e-waters! Finally, we answer some of your questions! However, we just had so many questions that we're turning this one in to a TWO-PARTER! So enjoy and don't forget to support the art and artists you love over at!

Mar 24, 2017

Hello Internet! Happy MaxFunDrive to ALL! We are so excited to bring you an episode that's been in the works for a while! In fact, we're bringing you two- TWO!- episodes in one! You get a double dose of royalty! One half QUEEN VICTORIA and one half PRINCE ALBERT! Hear about their birth and how they are connected! Hear about them falling in love! Hear about assassination attempts! Hear about A LOT OF THINGS! Enjoy a love story as amazing as it is true! Enjoy and don't forget to support the art and artists you love!!

Mar 22, 2017

Hello Internet! It's Max Fun Drive so we thought we'd give you a little extra bonus episode! So, we put together an all advice episode! Can you put your feet on the coffee table? Who gets an invite to a Grad Party? What are the different dress codes for weddings? All these answers and MORE! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Mar 17, 2017

Hello Internet! Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all! This week's episode is all about THE GUINNESS FAMILY! From there humble beginnings to their amazing successes, the Guinness family is fascinating! They have strange habits, strange friends and they made a strange book! But, their beer is delicious and their story is interesting, so gather round, pull yourself a pint of the black stuff and enjoy!

Mar 10, 2017

Hello Internet! A tip of the hat to you! On this episode, we throw our hats over the fence and commit to do a great episode for you! It was a challenge, but we weren't afraid to throw our hats in the ring! We're talking about HATS, did we mention that? When is it appropriate to wear one and when do you take it off? How long have we been wearing them? What's the difference between a Bowler, a Fedora, and a Homburg? All this plus answers to even more of your questions! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Mar 3, 2017

Hello Internet! We sure do hope you're having a great day! We have a really good episode just for YOU! This week is all about FACIAL HAIR! Should you wear a beard to an interview? What's a "beard tax"? Are there different facial hair styles? Answers to those questions and MORE! Plus, a whole lot of facial history! Enjoy and don't forget to share with a friend!

Mar 1, 2017

Hello Internet! As promised, here's PART 2 of our WEDDING RECEPTION episode! If you haven't, be sure to check out PART ONE! Enjoy our answers to your questions! And special guest appearance by a VERY chatty Bebe Lee! 

Feb 25, 2017

Hello Internet! We are very excited for you to hear this episode! Well, the first half of it anyway... something went wrong and we couldn't use the 2nd half! But don't worry, we're gonna re-record it! In the mean time, enjoy PART 1! In this half, you're gonna get a lot of cool history! Including the history of OUR reception! Enjoy and be sure to share! Look for PART 2 early next week!

Feb 10, 2017

Hello Internet! Listen, I know we haven't known each other all that long, but would you do us the honor of joining us in this episode? It's all about FIRST DATES! Who pays? What do you talk about? What do you do if it's a disaster? How do you ask for a second date?! Answers to these questions and MORE! Plus, you are going to learn all about the history of dating! Don't worry, this one is on us! We insist! Enjoy and remember to share!

Feb 3, 2017

Well hello there! You know, we here at Shmanners HQ know that there has been a lot of political talk lately, so we thought it was time to do an episode about the President. Yep, that's right! We're doing it! We're talking about GEORGE WASHINGTON! What was his early life ACTUALLY like? How did he become President? More importantly, what is his connection to etiquette? All this and more! We can not tell a lie, we sure would appreciate if you'd share the episode with a friend!

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